The Art of Coarse Writing
Stage Noises and Effects by Michael Green
First published 1958 by Herbert Jenkins Ltd.
Illustrated is the First (and only) Edition.
Michael Green's first published book was commissioned as part of a series of Practical Stage Handbooks. His work with the Questors Theatre in Ealing, along with his journalistic background made him a good choice - but the advent of affordable reel to reel tape recorders made much of the book redundant virtually before it was finished.. There are some ingenious ideas here, but in the light of "The Art of Coarse Acting", it is hard not to chuckle at some of them - as the author sent up his own work with his suggestion for "Noise of cup dropping". The illustrations are by Miss Ruth Milner of the Questors Theatre. By the time of "Acting" Michael had the assistance of Miss Joan Pyle, former wardrobe mistress of the Questors Theatre. He was paid 50 Guineas - with no royalties.